Useless argument. WARNING: basic semantic theory inside (Recruitment)

by RaichuKFM @, Northeastern Ohio, Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 18:59 (2343 days ago) @ Funkmon

Yeah, see, we agree about the mountains thing.

I'm saying this is semantics because certain things (eg "I am inside town") were meant to make the equivalency I just described; but were misunderstood as saying they were constructions I use in real life.

I then complicated matters, trying to defend the technical validity of the construction despite its awkwardity, which just sounded like I was affirming the "This is a completely fine, equivalent construction" position I accidentally made it sound like I was saying.

Further complicating things is that there is a semantic difference here, it's just not as broad as all that. I think "I am inside the woods", or "I am inside the building", are perfectly innocuous, while some other inside constructions are awkward, or even problematic (like with the mountains).

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