Encoding Lag. (Recruitment)

by narcogen ⌂ @, Andover, Massachusetts, Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 18:20 (2301 days ago) @ Korny

This is as stupid as the 'Mars/Venus/Green/Brown/Past/Future" argument on VoG - teams with common sense (and ANY new players at all) settled on 'Left/Right' (sometimes with the clarification of 'while looking at Atheon', to avoid the Templar issues) just because anything else generated unnecessary frustration. "Inside/Outside" here generates exactly the same unnecessary frustration, so why not just not use those words?

I get what you're saying, though if we were to nitpick, anyone who used the term "Mars and Venus" was being factually incorrect, and defending that made people sound flat-out stupid, since anyone with at least one functioning eye could tell that they were in the same room on Venus at different points in time...

Beside the point entirely. Using Mars/Venus or even Red/Green is the fastest way of communicating the information as received (although it slightly slows the decoding on the other end). Its continued use was not meant to assert that the players have actually been transported to Venus, but rather a shorthand for saying "we're in the environment that looks like Venus, or in the one that looks like Mars".

The idea that every Raid callout needs to be canon-safe is silly.

Using left/right is nearly as good, but it slows down the encoding slightly. You have to look at the environment and then remember which side that corresponds to. And then the people hearing the answer "left" or "right" need to make sure they are properly oriented to decode that and translate it into action. But since they can't start decoding the information until they get it, it makes sense to try an minimize the delay on the encoding side, by giving the person making the callout as simple as possible a connection between what they are seeing and the information they have to relay.

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