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This guy's videos aren't healthy from a fan perspective. They're mean, and they're only purpose is to tear other people down.

There is alot of "outrage bait" out there, a form of clickbait, and I do my darnedest to stay away from such dreck. Even so, I have seen this come across the tubes, but I skipped it.

Know why y'all?

I was there Gandalf, I was there 3000 years ago. Give or take. Also who's Gandalf? :P

We were there in the Golden Age. And it was (!Shock! !!BAD WORDS!!) FUCKING AWESOME!!!
The REAL LIVE GAME! The REAL "you had to be there". Moments that come and go in the social lexicon. Some had 1977-1983 Starwars. Some had the Decade of "The Infinity Saga" calumniating with Avengers: Endgame (2019). We got both, and it was called HALO. A Decade of Halo, from 2001 OG, to 2010 Reach.

NOTHING in the Aughts was as big and SO SO LONG in that brilliant shimmer of DE-LICIOUS COMPETENCE as Halo had. A decade long gaming orgasm. *I want to make an off-color joke here but I'm not going to, LOL*

Eh. With every high comes the fall, and there was no way the genie was going to go back in the bottle. 343 gave some fair tries in keeping the momentum that Bungie started, but it seems the ol' adage "Don't meet your heroes" works en-mass as well. "A studio of fans" and all.

Our "childhood" or whatever it may have been is not ruined by the mishandling of a franchise. The thing loved is still there, both out here and, if I may... in here.

Halo isn't gone. It just changed its form, like all things will ever do in time.

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