Eh. (Gaming)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, October 24, 2022, 09:00 (539 days ago) @ Morpheus

I guess I'm with Anna (and Cheapley, and Kid) on this one. This video serves no real purpose; it adds nothing productive to the conversation (and really, it adds nothing AT ALL to the conversation, if we're being honest).

The last few minutes pay tribute to the original games... but ignores the negative press THOSE got at (and before) launch. And the crap in the front ignores the fact that you could make a nearly identical video about Destiny (which, to be clear, is a game I enjoy very much and have no interest in putting down), suggesting that the real issue isn't the switch to a team that isn't capable, but to an environment in which it's much, much harder to make games.

Whatever. Everyone's entitled to their opinions. Lots of folks (including folks in this very thread) are sure that 343 is incompetent, and that Halo sucks, now and forever going forward. Plenty of people disagree with that view. (I'm one of them.) Nobody's forcing anyone to continue playing, or stop playing - dump it if it's not for you, keep logging in if it is.

Mostly, though, I'm sad that there are people who continue to invest mental energy in a game that they've said, for more than a DECADE now, that they hate. There are so, so many better things to do with that energy.

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