You're Right. (Gaming)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 10:34 (574 days ago) @ Claude Errera

If that's really how you see the management behind gaming companies... why not find something new to do with your free time? Why give money to people who are actively trying to fuck you over?

They (like everyone) have goals. They try their best to meet those goals... sometimes they fail. Sometimes those failures are due to an inability to get the tech to work as well as it needs to. Sometimes those failures are due to mismanagement, or overmanagement, or bean counting. Sometimes, the people actually MAKING the games are in conflict with the people supplying the money to make the games... and the gamers suffer. BUT EVEN IN THOSE CASES, the people supplying the money aren't actively trying to fuck us over... because THEN THEY DON'T GET MORE MONEY. They're just making bad decisions, and we're paying for that. And you know what? If your favorite gaming company (or the company that makes your favorite game) does this to you... you are 100% within your rights to say "I'm not paying for that any more" and walking away. It's even reasonable to complain about it... because money is money, and you bought something with an expectation, and that expectation wasn't met.

What's dumb (to me) is to not only complain that it happened... but to continue complaining, well after the point is made. And to choose NOT to walk away... but to pop up in every thread that appears, making the same point over and over and over again.

You're absolutely right. It's pointless to stay mad about that same issue, only to keep coming back. Nothing's stopping these people from...well, stopping! Or not starting in the first place. They need to move on.

Do you think that they didn't try their best to include split screen in Infinite? Do you think that they DID finish it, and then chose to tell people they didn't, and that the glitch that allows it to play proved them to be liars? Do you think there can't POSSIBLY be another explanation for its lack of inclusion in the final product... that really, all 343 was doing was lying to you?

I honestly don't know. All I know is, in the specific case of split-screen co-op in Infinite, a representative of a video game company told us, "We can't do it" and a random gamer told us, "We did it, here's how to do it". I don't think that 343i is willingly trying to screw us over—at least, I hope not. But I would have liked to hear an explanation on how that happened, back then.

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