Beat Me To It. (Responses) (Gaming)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 07:56 (630 days ago) @ Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)

He points out the failures of AAA studios to live up to their promises in a very well edited, engaging, and entertaining style. That makes him an "asshole"? LOL what is wrong with you?

My thoughts exactly. I wasn't going to say anything for a while, since a lot of the posts here indeed had very good points. Yes, the Age of Halo as we know it is long gone, and that is something that we can't control and shouldn't get upset about. And yes, it is a good point that people shouldn't get this upset(or stay this angry) about a game—or really, any specific topic—that's decades old. But Anna, you have this really, really deep aggression towards Crow....but so far, I've noticed it has no foundation. It's clear you don't like his videos, but you haven't provided any claims as to why other than "he's an asshole out to be an ass" who only "tears people down".

And that would be true if he wasn't an ass. But if you watch enough of his videos, you realize that he's just an ass. He's a very elaborate troll, and he's obviously very good at it, because you have people in here who are anti-anti Crowbcat, if not outright defending him.

There are better ways, and better examples, of people who "hold up a mirror to things." Defend those, not this asshole, who's obviously just around to tear people down.

I was going to say originally that this was coming from a strictly neutral point of view, but as I thought to what I was going to type, I realized that yeah, I guess I am defending him at this point with the effort I'm putting in. So before I start, let me just say that I don't mean any of this with malice or sarcasm, and hope to maintain civility with these arguments. Alrighty, let's go.

So first off, I'm genuinely curious—who exactly is Crowbcat tearing down? I'll admit, I haven't seen every single one of his videos, but the ones I have seen are analytically put together to prove a solid point. It's not opinionated ranting or unfounded hate—it's found footage, quite literally, of developers saying "we're going to do this", and then the results of that statement fleshed out. The main difference is that these are put together side by side without the 2-5 year wait in between thought and paper. This is shown in both negative and positive examples. It's both showing the promises they upheld and calling them out on their bullshit.

That's why I affectionately call him the Silent Herald of Video Game Justice—he delivers these powerful, emotion provoking, thought generating sagas—without saying a single word.

Earlier Insane described it as 'outrage bait', and I conceitedly agree to that. But honestly speaking...shouldn't we be?

I didn't get a Switch at the time of launch, but the way things panned out for the first wave of units, I'm glad I didn't!

It pains and shames me greatly to say that I was one of the many idiots who waited weeks upon weeks upon months for a perpetually sold out product and spend almost $200 of (at the time) minimum wage money to buy THIS. At least the Sixaxis had a badass controller name.

Having never bought Playstation, if this was in my house, making noise like THAT, I'd be calling the bomb squad in fear of my life.

Crackdown was one of my most favorite series of all time. I intentionally waited until after TH3 Beta was over before I bought a copy just so everyone knew I was buying it for the game itself. I remember how excited I was to hear that Terry Crews was going to star in 3 and how big they were going to make that game for the Xbox One.


And finally, Infinite. Yes, the Pandemic. That is absolutely justifiable and I give it(and any other game delayed by it) a free pass, it was an unprecedented crisis. But I'm willing to bet every single Sonic game, comic and merch I own that following the trend of present day AAA's, it would've been delayed regardless even if there wasn't a single ragged cough on the globe.

And then it still wasn't enough?

Co-op campaign coming with launch—oh wait, no it's not...
Forge available this year--oh wait, no it's not...
Features that came on-disc for every single Halo game beforehand now on a "roadmap" months or even years away?

"Fans were furious about no split screen in Halo 5, so the first thing we promise with the release of our next game is split-screen co-op because we're listening®", then "split-screen is delayed" then "split screen is cancelled" and then the very same day that announcement is made someone discovers an easy replicated glitch to do it themselves?

You're all OKAY with this??

Yeah, we're getting torn down, alright. But it's not by Crowbcat.

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