Made it about a minute (Gaming)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Monday, October 24, 2022, 06:35 (541 days ago) @ Morpheus

Crowbcat, our Silent Herald of Video Game Justice, has laid the hammer down—and not for the first time—on the Halo series.

I personally love Halo 4.
I understood the problems with Halo 5, but overall was not discouraged enough to stop playing it.
I enjoyed Halo:Anniversary. Some things were trivial, but overall it was a good product.
The Master Chief Collection has some serious issues, and with each fix comes even more problems, making it as much of a chore to play as it is a pleasure.
I love the Spartan Isometric games, but I'm in the minority.
I was baffled by the Halo TV series.

But upon watching the obvious mishaps over the past eight years, compared with the footage from so, so very long ago from Bungie employees who are gone, too...I broke down in tears.

And not the good kind, either.

It's a supercut of those petulant shouty complaint videos that spend more time screaming about shit they can't do anything about than anything productive.

None of these videos ever appear to have the perspective of anyone who has ever shipped a video game before.

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