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by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Sunday, April 08, 2018, 11:57 (2200 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I have recently found myself with time to just... think. It's been nice. One of the things I've been pondering about is music, why I like what I like and what not. I've lived long enough now that through my memories I can watch the journey I've had thus far of my musical taste. From the seeds planted by my parents own musical tastes, to now where a set of sounds can transport me in time as effectively as smell can. Not only transport but change a room, like some sort of shared psychosis. After all, it's not the room that has changed, but the people in it.

I know. This post is off the cuff here I... I wasn't planning this or anything, it's just I yet again find myself with simple curiosity and an outlet to ask of it. I mean, at worst, Funkmon will present us with an essay why the Polka is ultimate form of music or something. :P

So I'm just going to throw down some questions here, and see where this leads.

  • What do you look for in music? What is musics purpose for you?

This is kind of a loaded question. I mean, Music can entertain me, like Neil Cicierega's "Wndrwll", or it can simply make me feel stuff, like any of Chopin's music, with something as simple as "Prelude, (Op.28, No.4) in E Minor" being among my favorite music... I don't look for anything particular in music, it just comes down to hearing something, and enjoying it for whatever reason. There's a lot of music that I dislike at first, but something about it clicks for me, and I listen to it again and again, until I love the song(s) and/or artist (Warpaint, one of my now-favorite bands, was like this for me).

[*]How has your taste for music changed, if they have, through the years and what do you think caused this/these change(s)?

I think a lot of what has affected my taste in music has more to do with a band's evolution over the years more than anything. Growing up, I loved artists like Korn and Eminem. But pretty much everything that both made after the mid-2000s has been fairly terrible, so I just flat-out stopped following them.
On the other hand, an artist like Chris Corner changed from the trip-hop band Sneaker Pimps, the goth-y IAMX, and I loved the change. So while I love both styles (and really miss getting new SP stuff), it's opened up a bit of a genre that I would never listen to otherwise (and I've tried since).
And then as you grow up, you realize how terrible a lot of music was (Smash Mouth, Limp Bzkit), and you can appreciate that with a sense of humor. My brother and I make tons of Linkin Park jokes through lyrics to torture Sammy (who loved them growing up), and it helps that we have much of their discography memorized. But we do also play a lot of that music unironically, for nostalgia's sake and all that.

[*]Bonus Question: Have you ever played an instrument? If so do you still play? Are or were you any good? Is there anything you've thought about playing?

I played Trombone for four years in school, does that count? :P
I was alright, but this one time, at band camp...

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