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  • What do you look for in music? What is musics purpose for you?
  • How has your taste for music changed, if they have, through the years and what do you think caused this/these change(s)?
  • Bonus Question: Have you ever played an instrument? If so do you still play? Are or were you any good? Is there anything you've thought about playing?

I like almost all genres, which is a very different statement than saying I like almost all music. I am the person musicians love to hate in that I have little use for albums since I will probably only like 1-2 songs from it. (And rarely the one that gets airplay, or top singles sales). This means it's easier — though obviously less informative — to say what I don't like. There are a couple generous that I have yet to find anything I want to hear: Thrash/speed metal; trap music; VERY rarely have I heard a reggae song I like.

Except for odd times on weekends when they get too deep into a genere, the current.org is uncannily able to queue up music that I like. You could essentially use their playlists as a window into my taste, or you could follow me on Apple Music, should you have that.

There are two major saltation points in my musical taste. First, as I child we only had Christian music. Whatever that genre might mean now, I mean it as what they might sell at a christian book store in the mid 80's. At some point — right about the time I got a gift of a CD player, so lets say 1987 or 88 — I started owning more mainstream music. I started listening to non-christian Radio, but usually the Oldies Station, and then the Classic Rock station.

The next was when I discovered Soundtracks. This here, was a much more viable value proposition than buying an album and liking 1-2 songs, but it also came with the benefit of having a point of view that would cut across multiple artists, and even multiple genres.

Next, I matriculated at the same time as the rise of limewire/napster/iTunes local network music sharing. This was the first broadband Connection to the internet I had ever had, and the first time I could digitally collect songs, re-arange them into my own mix, and burn my own CDs. Tons of music that I "Knew" but never knew by name or artist was something I learned because I started trying to build a library. This, again, was important to me because I could get just the small percentage of stuff I wanted, but not the stuff I didn't. That translated easily into legal purchases when they opened the iTunes Music Store, since it was not that fact that it was free, necicarially, it was because I could select individual songs — not worry about how rare they were — and preview them before I bought them. Again the value proposition changed enough that I could really start cultivating.

Finally, when self-publishing became democratized and smaller more indie radio stations started streaming online that modernized the personal programming stuff I was getting from soundtracks, but will lead of a need to be commercially viable.

I can play a Rock Band controller. Poorly.

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