You win. (DBO)

by Funkmon @, Monday, April 09, 2018, 23:12 (2292 days ago) @ bluerunner

The Four Tops opening for ZZ Top. Man. That must have been a weird show.

Some of the mismatches we get here in Detroit involve Motown and other local musicians. Like, randomly Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, guys like that, will show up at any concert and do a song or two.

Here's a strange one that went in reverse though. I was seeing Kid Rock, and Ricky Medlocke from Skynyrd showed up for a song. What the hell was that about?

The best one I have ever seen was Ted showing up at a jazz and blues club in Detroit (Baker's, if anyone's into jazz. Nico might know it). For those not in the know, Ted Nugent is not just a guy who screams constantly, plays guitar too fast, and rants about liberals. He is a god-tier blues guitarist, and grew up idolizing the jazz guitarists: it's why he plays with a Byrdland. Anyway, Ted just gets asked to jam and they do some bomb ass soloing over 4 bar blues. Good times.

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