There are a lot of great Music Minds here... (DBO)

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There are a lot of great Music minds here. If we put all of our heads together could we possibly identify the first selection of music from the D2 Arecibo Adventure/Mission 'music box'?

(I meant to post to Raga's topic, but life happens, and now the topic is locked - I also didn't really want to 'Vagueness' it back up 3 weeks late and have the post get buried)
I compared my notes with Ragashingo's and everything lined up. I agree, that I have never seen anyone identify the first piece of music from the Arecibo mission.
Could it be an original piece put together by the Audio team, to sound ancient and Asian/Japanese influenced? Is that why it is so difficult to research and find?


By the way, did anyone ever read into the handcannon, Guseva-C, you are awarded at the end of the Adventure/Mission Arecibo?

Flavor Text:
"You know your purpose"

I looked this up after my first playthrough all those months back in September and have never brought it up to anyone. I also have never really seen anyone else bring it up either, I don't think...
It really is a fascinating tidbit.

(My paraphrase):
C/K/J Guseva/Guseyva was a syphilis riddled (rumor), likely manipulated, probably crazed, peasant woman, with no nose, who attemted to assassinate Rasputin by stabbing him in the abdomen, and then reportedly ran through the streets screaming "I have killed the AntiChrist!"

This weapon follows the Häkke naming convention of weapons named after famous warriors, particularly those that try to disembowel others.

Another interesting note from the Arecibo mission, and this one has been discovered and pointed out by others before, is at the beginning of the mission Ghost requests Asher check out frequency transmissions on channel 'J-1869'. Rasputin was born on January 21, 1869.


Furthermore, If we put all of our 'Music heads' together could we work together and try to figure out what appears to be a remaining Music mystery or two in D1? (which might be tied to The Oracles in the Vault of Glass? - Rampant Speculation)

In a matter of a few weeks that mystery will likely be blown wide open by a group of selfish minds that have been not-so-quietly working behind closed and locked doors.

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