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I'm loving this thread

This post is about Music. Marty recently gave a great talk at Kent State University regarding Music in Video Games (most specifically the Halo series).
This talk may not be for everyone, especially if you are a person that doesn't want to hear about the gritty specifics behind creating something great and would rather just continue enjoying the amazing final product unaware (ignorance can be bliss; since you might learn things in the process that could change the way you look at or feel about something, after the fact) Generally, learning more about something does not bother me and doesn't change my opinions or emotion about the product, but this might not be the case for anyone and everyone.

The talk is a compilation of many of the ideas, stories, and quips that have been heard before in various ways but wrapped up into one talk with some new bits added in


More people need to view this and I feel this thread has some folks in it that would truly enjoy seeing it

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