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re: Lorde

I got caught up when Royals hit Seattle, where I was spending too much time commuting at the time. Living in Kent but working in Everett is a special sort of hell. But the album is great. I was impressed with her assemblage of the Hunger Games soundtrack stuff. Yellow Flicker Beat is alright (the Kanye West rework is a whole other level, though) and I haven’t gotten around to her follow up album. My understanding is it is a narrative/concept album, so I have to find time to devote to it that I haven’t.

re: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

King Of Carrot Flowers is under appreciated. Very influential on me in the early Aughts. But that album has definitely had a lasting effect. I was introduced right around his exit timeframe. But yeah. It is definitely one of those albums that lives up to the hype.

re: TSwift

No, probably not the same person. Other than 1989 I’m pretty middling on most of her discography. But that album is spectacular. My general feelings on pop music are likely in stark contrast, mostly becuase there is a broad selection of very different brands of pop, and even some that are so g-by-committee can produce great music. I’ll give you that there is a plus to music that “feels real” but I don’t think that necessarily requires someone to play “singer/songwriter” for it to feel real.

re: twenty one pilots

I didn’t really get into them when I was first exposed. It took a lot of recurrent experiences for them to catch on. But Blurryface did really start to grow on me on repeat listenings with folks who drank the kool-aid early. 10 Second Songs does a cover of Heathens in the style of Type O Negative which is crisp af.

re: AFI

I was introduced to them briefly with All Hallows EP/The Art of Drowning when I was first stretching my wings into less mainstream punk, jumping off from Minor Threat and Fugazi. But Sing the Sorrow is definitely when it clicked. AFI’s continued evolution still produces amazing stuff, though. Burials and the recently released Blood Album are both spectacular and identifiably AFI but bring their own identity.

Speaking of, though, basically everything Davey Havok touches is golden. Blaqk Audio, XTRMST, and Dreamcar are all great in their own right and identities.

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