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What do you look for in music? What is musics purpose for you?

I, uh, don't. Right now, I pretty much only listen to music when driving or when trying to crunch some programming. Even then, with the former I just leave it at a radio station and forego any further choice of music and with the latter I often forget to do it when programming.

By the time Guardians of the Galaxy 1 released, I had a small bout of actually buying music and enjoying it, but it is gone now. I think the last thing I bought was GotG2's soundtrack, which has a much lower play count then the albums I first bought, even when normalizing by time.

Basically, music helps me tune out stray thoughts and focus on what I'm doing. Not that it is always successful, though...

How has your taste for music changed, if they have, through the years and what do you think caused this/these change(s)?

My father is a very serious fan of progressive rock, so I grew up enjoying some British and Italian prog rock music from the 70s (maybe earlier, who knows?). Pink Floyd, Genesis and PFM will always have a sweet spot in my heart.

During my buying bout, I got into Arctic Monkeys (I was kind of surprised by how consistently I liked their music, across their career, despite noticeable change in style), Adele, uh, *checks library to cheat* Daft Punk and some other loose pieces.

EDIT: Still checking, I came across our very own CruelLEGACEY's music and boy, how the crap could I forget. Dude's pretty damn good. Kind of like deadmau5, but cooler. Check him out (@Music_Emoticon)

Right now, I'm pretty into synth/vaporwave when programming. No clue why, guess I just like music that sounds from the 80s and earlier.

Bonus Question: Have you ever played an instrument? If so do you still play? Are or were you any good? Is there anything you've thought about playing?

Not really, just matchboxes (it's a thing down here, blame samba). Not anything of note (kind of like my soccer ability, I guess it's just something all Brazilians have at least a slight affinity to do). Due to my father's enormous (for his skill) collection of electric guitars, I've always considered playing them, but meh. I sometimes daydream about playing drums or bass, my two favorite lines in most music (give or take synths).

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