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by Funkmon @, Monday, April 09, 2018, 23:37 (2144 days ago) @ stabbim

Yeah. I also am poor as butts and irresponsibly spend my money to buy the stupid records. I have to satiate myself at some level though.

Off topic, but it's so depressing to do NOTHING for months because you have no money. You buy nothing. You see nothing. You eat what the food bank has. You put off changing your oil an extra 500 miles until you get $25. It makes life a chore to live. You wake up and wish to go back to sleep so you don't have to deal with it anymore.

So on the occasion I find myself with extra money, be it from a sale of something online or a quick freelance job, I blow it immediately to stave off the howling void of despair.

$200 from an unexpected source? *Call up my sister* "April, I'm driving to Chicago, let's see the Tigers/White Sox series next week." That'll keep me going for 5 months.

Get that $5 gift card from Bing Rewards? I'll just mosey on over to Amazon and see if it's enough to buy an LP on my list. There's a good 3 month window I just bought.

Maybe I am just being brainwashed by the consumerism in the USA, but I need to actually do stuff or have things sometimes, and I might as well blow it on pointless records. At least I can look at them while I'm listening to a game.

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