One more memory (DBO)

by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 08:43 (2292 days ago) @ Kermit

You mentioned Kansas. I liked Kansas as a kid. I thought "Dust in the Wind" was DEEP and learned to play it on the guitar. Here's where our tastes might split. What I loved to hate when I got older was just about anything labeled progressive rock. Not quite as dogmatic about it now, but give me the Clash any day.

Huh... i always slotted Kansas into the same box as, say, Styx, and REO Speedwagon... formulaic bands with plenty of technical skill, but music that was popular because it was BUILT to be popular. Almost industrially-so. You can predict where the bridge is gonna be placed, because it's where it's placed in ALL of their hits. Etc.

I don't think I ever thought of Kansas as Prog Rock... that was the realm of Yes, and Gentle Giant, and Rush, and (early) Genesis. And so on.

This reminds me of my first Springsteen concert in 1981. Still one of the best shows I've ever seen--incredible. I went with a very sweet girl (still a friend and still sweet). We were very young and she'd only seen one other concert--Kansas. After seeing Springsteen she said, "That was almost as good as Kansas." That line became a running joke with my buddies whenever we saw a great show. :)

Heh. I don't think anything I've ever seen live has compared to the energy of a Springsteen concert. The man's amazing on stage.

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