Down the rabbit hole. (DBO)

by Harmanimus @, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 00:19 (2292 days ago) @ Funkmon

I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. I can see having mixed feelings with December Underground (Industrial Dance/Futurepop was making enough waves that Ronan Harris of VNV Nation [The most influential band on 17 year old me] was involved) and disliking Crash Love - it being a generally pretty straight alt rock album - if you were in it for the Goth-Influenced Punk of Sing the Sorrow. But both Burials and The Blood Album fall near enough that it's worth giving them a fair attempt.

If you really wanna tell me that The Sinking Night or Still A Stranger, etc. wouldn't be right at home during the Sing The Sorrow era then I just don't know. Not to be confrontational, though, just they pluck at the same emotional strings for pretty much everyone I know.

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