Heh - inappropriate pairings... (DBO)

by bluerunner @, Music City, Monday, April 09, 2018, 18:32 (2230 days ago) @ Claude Errera

I saw Skynyrd (well, what was left of them) and ZZ Top when I was in college. I was friends with the daughter of Skynyrd's bassist at the time. They played first and over half the crowd left after they finished. ZZ Top put on a far better show, and I was shocked that so many people missed it.

Weirdest combination also involved ZZ Top. It was part of the 50th anniversary events for the Corvette, and my girlfriend's dad worked in the Corvette plant in Bowling Green. They threw a concert for GM employees and family. The Four Tops (60's Motown) opened for ZZ Top.

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