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Hey, so, you know how those Halo games that one company made have a Single Player, a Multiplayer, and a Forge Mode?

Maybe someone only plays Single Player and nothing else. The game cost them the same even though they're playing less of the game than they paid for.

Imagine if they were to sell the game for less but you were required to put in a certain amount of multiplayer time to continue playing Single Player. Would someone who doesn't like Multiplayer pay to not play multiplayer? Quite possibly. But the lower cost version means more people have access and people who were already going to play both modes don't have any reason to spend more.

Okay, so this is an interesting point you have brought up.

This is very much actually true with Destiny, at least when I left it. You did in fact have to play a fair bit of single player or gambit to get the most out of multiplayer, given that many good PvP weapons were acquired in other modes. Your option to pay to skip single player would amount to buying guns with money, which is something I don't think anyone wants. So the only sensible thing is to either make the modes totally separate, or to just include both for the price. Halo went one way with this, Destiny the other.

You want everyone to pay the same amount to have access to everything a game has to offer, regardless of whether they want it all or not.

Let's extend this thinking.

For cosmetics to not affect the game, there would have to be a dedicated cosmetics mode. I don't think that would go over too well. Who would go to the trouble of buying or earning cosmetics they couldn't play with in PvP or PvE?

Beyond that, the idea of a 'piecemeal' game would make the whole game suffer I think. If players can buy only the parts they want, then nothing can tie into and build upon anything else to create something greater. In short, I think the whole game would break down. You can't buy a movie and just include the action scenes. Maybe that's all you want to see, but it wouldn't be much of a movie without all the rest of the story.

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