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by Claude Errera @, Monday, January 27, 2020, 15:16 (1637 days ago) @ Cody Miller

ANY reason someone would have to want to pay to not play could be addressed for free by changing the game design. The point is not that people don’t have reasons - the point is the best solution never involves a micro transaction (and that often the reasons are themselves created by the micro transactions).

The real problem with that sentence is the word 'best'. Your 'best' is not the same as my 'best' is not the same as Bungie's 'best'.

You know how you want the game to work. You are not unique; there is a group of Destiny players who have roughly the same desires from their gameplay experience. Bungie (or some subset of Bungie that is responsible for some of the higher-level decisions) has almost certainly considered your particular collection of wants and needs, and decided that it they cannot satisfy all of them and still build the game they want to build.

You can accept that they don't want to make the game you want to play. (You don't, or you would have stopped discussing any of this stuff a long time ago.) You can try and convince them that they're making a mistake, and that they should change their strategy. (If that's what you think you're doing, I'd suggest that you have picked a pretty lousy place to do it; I don't think there are any Bungie employees who visit here any more. They can't hear you yelling from way over here.)

What you can't do is tell those of us that are actually okay with the overall development arc that you know what's good for us better than we do. (That is what the quoted sentence above is trying to do.) I disagree with your premise that there is NO way that you can make a good game while offering the same content for free or by in-game play - I LIKE the fact that I have a choice, and I USE that choice occasionally for differing outcomes, depending on my at-the-time-current circumstance. I do NOT consider the frictions you see as odious as a problem; in fact, most of the time I don't even notice them. That they exist at all is acceptable to me, at the level that I perceive them, because they provide me with options when I'm playing the game I enjoy playing.

In short: your viewpoint, while valid for you, is NOT universal, and my viewpoint is not a result of my blindness - it is simply a differing opinion. And it's as valid as yours.

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