Again... (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Sunday, June 07, 2020, 05:47 (1415 days ago) @ cheapLEY

This would've had so much more positive reactions if this wasn't announced at all. I know what you're thinking, "No one would've seen it". Not true.

Let's go back a bit and pretend(like most people wish they could get their time back from this). Okay. Bungie says nothing. Reset comes, people are going into the Tower(anyway) for bounties and Banshee and the like. They go to Zavala to pick up their ish, someone would at least be looking at him(maybe narrow the interact range a little to get people to pay attention) or walk towards the edge holding X but not getting anything. He's not standing where he always is—he's against the side of the rail, looking up. What's he looking at?

Holy shit, that's the Almighty hanging over the Tower blocking out the sun!! X tweets about it to Y, famous streamer K does a quick livestream to generate hype, "Join party, raid buddy 56 has invited you"—word spreads and people flock to go see it.

Truthfully, no they're not going to stay. This is the lure. The...well, 'warning' isn't the right word, but a synonym of that. The 'soft open', so to speak.

Nothing at all up to that point changes. THEN 40 minutes in, people start seeing the first signs of missiles. OH MY GOD, RASPUTIN'S USING ALL THE MISSILES WE BUILT ALL SEASON!! Even more important, that's when people realize—THIS IS HAPPENING LIVE!!!

Thousands of people are flooding the Tower now, maybe even 6 figures. People who haven't played in ever have just gotta see this! XBL Parties and streamchats are going apeshit. This even makes gaming news.

10 minutes between first missile volley and the finale(not another hour Bungie, just 10 minutes)—enough time for people to log in, download any (small) updates, get through any cutscenes they might have missed, load into a Tower and after a firm 10...


I guarantee you, people would've been losing their shit even more, and at least a third of them will be so excited and thrilled, they'll let slip the phrase 'All is forgiven!' and get Bungie back on their side.

Instead we got a 24 hour heads-up, 22 hours of hype, 2 hours of just standing there, and—as Cruel put it—a >4 minute light show.


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