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by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Monday, June 08, 2020, 14:34 (1404 days ago) @ MacAddictXIV

This is what we like to call an "entitled gamer" or I guess we can simplify it to an "entitled user". Yes, it's the role of the development studio to make a product that a user enjoys, but to simply leave it at that without consideration for sooooo much more is kind of naive. Thus, why I bring up someone who feels entitled.

I'm baffled that you would think it's "entitled" to have the expectation that the experience you are paying for is worth it. Both in terms of money, AND in terms of time. Time is actually the most valuable currency. If anything Bungie is entitled, because they feel like it is okay to waste the time of the player in many aspects of the game.

I have to step away. As a software engineer who has very specific clients, these kind of statements infuriate me. But that isn't much new when responding to you.

I have not hired Bungie. But if I did, and they they didn't or couldn't deliver, it would not be entitled to fire them and go with someone else who could. Conversely, if your clients are being completely unreasonable, you can 'fire' them too and end the working relationship.

And no, they never responded with that. They said that from the get go. They were simply acknowledging the hard work that went into this.

And all I'm saying is that hard work means nothing unless you make something great with it. To just say "I worked hard" does automatically mean we must like the thing you made. The world doesn;t run on participation trophies. I'm working hard on the Bungie Book, but if nobody wants to read it or they feel like it wasn't worth it to read I don't get to play the 'but it was hard!" card. Using it to deflect criticism is simply an excuse.

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