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by Claude Errera @, Monday, June 08, 2020, 10:59 (1416 days ago) @ Cody Miller

It's like a kid saying to his mom, "hey I learned to juggle! I've never done this before" And his mom just bashes him because the neighbor has been doing it with flaming pins. This is a technical achievement people. Did they do it with no hitches? Did they do it perfectly to people expectations? No to both.

I mean, Bungie is an AAA studio. They aren't a kid. If you went to clown school for 8 years and could only juggle balls, yet you were trying to compete with the best jugglers out there, then the response would be appropriate.

Oh, c'mon. You're taking Mac's relatively tortured analogy and nitpicking.

Bungie is taking an engine they've been using for 6 years (well, for some of the code, we could probably say 20+ years) and adding substantially new functionality to it. It's less like comparing a beginner juggler to an expert, and more like if, say, someone had a truck and said "we're going to make this able to drive through shallow streams" and they seal up the bottom and add a snorkel, and someone says "but that company makes fully amphibious cars, this truck is lame". We're not talking about Bungie going to clown school and failing to learn to juggle, we're talking about Bungie upgrading a long-standing engine with abilities it didn't have before, and some people comparing those abilities to engines that were built from the ground up to do that sort of thing.

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