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by cheapLEY @, Monday, June 08, 2020, 10:58 (1446 days ago) @ Cody Miller

As always seems to be the case with this game, it’s a matter of expectations. People expected something amazing and ended up disappointing. That sounds like a dig a Bungie. It’s not entirely supposed to be. All they did was tweet about being in the Tower at reset. Everyone immediately knew what was going to happen and they worked themselves into a frenzy over it instead of just letting it be a neat thing that happened. How can they manage expectations without also just straight up telling us what’s going to happen and undercutting the nature of a live event?

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many ways this could have been better. They could have built it up over a week or two and actually used in game things to notify us what’s going on. Messages in the Tower, both text and over the loudspeaker. Let’s see people evacuating starting a few weeks ago. Imagine seeing lines of people leaving the City, and the City slowly just going dark as people leave, until it’s empty and all the lights are off. The Tower empties except for the Vanguard and the Guardians. Just something to show that anybody is taking this seriously. If Tess is still going on about not being unpacked, how am I supposed to take the Almighty seriously?

Relying on a tweet to get the word out about something like this feels out of place. I know that’s just the world we live in, and they’re not going to not advertise something going on, but I think it would be so much stronger if they didn’t. Just let things happen, and use the actual game to point to something happening.

More importantly though, they need to make the players feel engaged with the end result. Admittedly, I didn’t participate beyond the first week this season, but I have no idea how doing chores for Rasputin contributed to blowing up the Almighty. They need to do a better job of making the things we do feel like they actually matter. Until we even have the possibility of failing, I don’t think it ever will. It never mattered how many Vex parts we donated, or how much data whatever for the Obelisks we donated, or how many basketball games we played with Rasputin. Maybe it’s an unrealistic amount of work to ask of them to plan for two or more outcomes to any sort of event, but I think engagement would be much higher if there was actually a possibility of failing, of not doing enough.

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