Best community event in Destiny since the loot cave. (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, June 09, 2020, 20:56 (1415 days ago) @ bluerunner
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The difference being that I hated the loot cave, and I kinda loved this. People are willing to stand around shooting into a cave for hours on end in the hopes that they MIGHT get an exotic, yet grumble when a sci fi game has a gigantic space battle playing out in real time, finally letting something happen in one of those gorgeous skyboxes.

Yeah, I hear you, you had to wait too long, but you know, there's a reason attending a baseball game is more fun with friends. I think I understand the reality of the situation--Bungie probably felt that they had to be direct with the announcement to ensure a certain number of people were there because they needed them for what was essentially a live-fire beta test that could happen only at production. They took a risk, and with success suffered some criticism with the praise. I think it's a win. And in the future they can use some sort of community puzzle to spread the word, and then blame less-than-perfect expectation-setting on the vagaries of an ancient AI in a cave on Phobos or something.

Let's say it started a little later than they originally planned--in my estimation, every time someone began to think Bungie had done effed up, something changed. A good seductress removes her glove one finger at a time. Whatever you thought about the pacing, to me it was all worth it for that one moment--I'm pretty sure we all had it--that moment when we thought we might get mushed. I'm gonna have to fight through the flaming rubble of the tower AGAIN?

Already mentioned the 50-year-old memories it tickled when the whole world was mesmerized by the sky. I'm not the audience. I get that. Still. I think it was cool.

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