This is the second time I've heard "hype" (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Monday, June 08, 2020, 12:54 (1499 days ago) @ Korny

It's like a kid saying to his mom, "hey I learned to juggle! I've never done this before" And his mom just bashes him because the neighbor has been doing it with flaming pins. This is a technical achievement people. Did they do it with no hitches? Did they do it perfectly to people expectations? No to both.

I mean, Bungie is an AAA studio. They aren't a kid. If you went to clown school for 8 years and could only juggle balls, yet you were trying to compete with the best jugglers out there, then the response would be appropriate.

Plus, we have the precedent of much, much smaller studios doing even better with less advanced tech.
That said, Bungie has been doing pretty skybox lightshows in Destiny since the E3 reveal for D1. If their fancy tech is more related with "look at it from different angles!", then that's probably a lot of effort for very little payoff. They once again hyped up a mildly interesting thing, and then wasted far too much of people's time, before granting you a generic-looking emblem as a reward. If that isn't Destiny in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

What did Bungie do to "hype" this up? I said it before that I personally only heard it in two places, twitter and in game. Both times it was a simple "you should be in the tower at reset" how is that "hype"? That seems more like a PSA.

And no, it's not going to be something that I hold onto as a special "you had to be there" memory, as much as it's going to be yet another embarrassing footnote to add to each season. I've seen far cooler and more ambitious stuff from devs with a fraction of Bungie's studio size and budget. With that in mind, I can understand people who only play Destiny finding this event to be "impressive", because Bungie just has such a lack of ambition, that they haven't had a "Forward Unto Dawn landing on the Ark" moment in ages, and people forgot what standards they set themselves.

I started talking this point... but then I erased it because honestly I've made the point so many times already that It just isn't worth it anymore.

Also, watching the big chunk of damage in the tower just blink into existence without an effect to hide it? Well, it didn't feel any more underwhelming than the rest of it.

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