Where are you getting that? (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, January 30, 2020, 13:51 (1484 days ago) @ narcogen

It's a weapon, an ornament, a ghost, and a ship.

The fact that *those particular ones* are *not currently for sale* is sort of outside the point. You can absolutely assign a cash value to the items and compare that to the subscription cost of Amazon/Twitch Prime.

Well, ackchually ::pushes glasses up nose:: all 24 items have been datamined at this point, and all of them are in a pool of items that are no longer sold at eververse (and haven't been for quite some time).

But yeah, I suppose that not only can you put a value on them and compare that value to the cost of Amazon Prime, you could make the argument that if you didn't have those items, and WANTED them, buying them this way is the most efficient way to get them.

I linked my Amazon account to my Twitch account (free), just to get this stuff, even though I have this stuff. I received a few shards and some glimmer in exchange (because I had all of these items already). For 30 seconds of work, it was a fair trade for me. I'm not complaining.

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