Who cares? (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, January 30, 2020, 13:52 (1534 days ago) @ narcogen

People are going to buy a twitch membership for this.

Well, that would be dumb, because what you need is an Amazon Prime membership. (The Twitch membership comes free with that, but that's what you need to buy.)

And I really, really, REALLY doubt anyone's gonna buy a $12.99/month Amazon Prime membership SOLELY for the goodies you get from Twitch Prime.

That's.. kinda not the point, though, is it?

We can chip in and buy CheapLEY an "I don't care, do u" shirt with a Suros Regime on it.

Again, not fair. I'd chip in for a shirt that read 'I don't give a shit'... but without the 'do u' part, since he neither said it nor meant it (even if some folks here thought he implied it).

(And while this was glossed over a little bit, I'd like some credit for not being snarky about the fact that someotherguy's response showed that he jumped into the conversation without even knowing what it was really about; if you didn't even know that you can't buy 'Twitch Prime' (because it's a name for a product that's created by bundling a free item (a basic Twitch account) to a non-free item that has nothing to do with Twitch (Amazon Prime), then you clearly didn't follow ANY of the links to find out what the conversation covered).)

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