Being a jerk. (Destiny)

by narcogen ⌂ @, Andover, Massachusetts, Monday, February 03, 2020, 08:18 (1629 days ago) @ Korny

I feel like I’m living in fucking crazy town.

You all just find the absolute worst way to interpret anything that’s ever said in this forum. I honestly wonder if it’s even worth trying anymore.

Discussing and arguing with Narcogen will harden you as a person man :-p

There's no charitable interpretation of "who cares". You're used to expressing an opinion and having it go unchallenged because you're entitled to it, because other people will back off because of civility, because they don't want to bother arguing about a game, or because they DO want to argue about games, but not about economics or politics.

You're misinterpreting their silence as acquiescence. You were trying to amplify a nihilist position, pretended to not care about the subject or others' reactions to it, and you're still doing it-- the above is just more of the same, acting as if what went on here wasn't you dismissing the idea that the topic was worth debate, but that people reacting negatively to your post are somehow prejudiced against you, twisting your words, in a way that make you want to not engage.


You're reading WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much into things, Narc.
Let me break down how you're supposed to read Cheap's mindset:

"Who cares?" = This is an unfortunate bit of news, however, at this stage in Destiny's life-cycle, and considering the direction that Bungie's been going over the past year or so, it's not really a surprising turn of events in any sense. However, the impact to the game is so negligible, that few people, if any, will notice a difference in the status quo. The Auto Rifle meta was heretofore nonexistent, and this will not confer any real advantage to anyone who "buys into" the offer over those who choose not to in a competitive engagement.
I understand the argument about this technically crossing the line into Pay To Win from a certain standpoint, but that line has technically been crossed by the season pass system, with weapons such as Devil's Ruin almost just being handed to players, and the community did not seem up in arms about that, so we have, as a community, voiced an acceptance to that degree of 'real money -> exotic gear' already.
In conclusion, while I don't decree that this is a great turn of events, given promises that Bungie once made about non-cosmetic paid items, this is ultimately an inconsequential addition to the game, given extant systems that we already accept, and the lack of impact that this will have in a competitive sense.

You should probably talk to Cheap sometime, Narc. You wouldn't misinterpret him so poorly if you ever heard how he delivers arguments.

I'm aware of all those arguments. I am not persuaded by any of them.

Weapons/armor in RMT are a red line, period. At least for me. I'm already eligible to get these rewards and I *don't want them* because I do not wish to engage with this system, at all.

Most of the followup discussion wasn't even about the opinion about the game, but the presentation that suggested people holding other opinions were to be marginalized; the rhetorical tactic of "who cares" which I've mentioned more than anything else, and never, ever gets a response; the attempt to amplify one's argument by sounding like it represents more than one's one opinion, because the question "who cares?" implies the answer, "no one". It implies that no one does, and no one should-- at least, not anyone that matters, anyway.

You're essentially making the other half of the "who cares?" argument, which is that it's too late to care.

So the first people who object to this are told, "don't worry, Bungie would never do X"

And then the latest people who object to this are told, "it doesn't matter, Bungie already did X"

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