Not the least bit unfair. (Destiny)

by Vortech @, A Fourth Wheel, Friday, January 31, 2020, 17:59 (1542 days ago) @ Kermit

By the way, am I reading this thread correctly? Do Kermit, Cody and I essentially agree in our reactions to this?

In our distaste for this development? Maybe. But probably not in its significance, or how we weigh all the pieces of the story. For instance, Cody thinks the game should just be more expensive to cover costs.

Can I also just say how uncomfortable I am with the idea that people should have to be able to pay a certain amount of money, otherwise they aren’t enjoying the game in the correct way, are damaging the whole industry, and should be excluded? I know it’s not the specific goal but at the end result is a poll tax for gaming. Breaking up the cost of a game over time isn’t just a way for game companies to make money it is also a way for them to increase the number of people who can play their game and reduce The price of base games given inflation. That’s democratizing gaming.

Sometimes good things are expensive and unaffordable to many, and if good games must be that then so be it, but let’s note the impact on those people as we talk about idealist purity in game revenue.

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