Yup. They start with false equivalency. (Destiny)

by narcogen ⌂ @, Andover, Massachusetts, Friday, February 05, 2016, 07:27 (3026 days ago) @ ProbablyLast

Both sides think the other is at a huge advantage, without any disadvantages, despite how illogical that is.

This is also a bit of nonsense. As a lagged player I am very aware (and even if we weren't, we're constantly being told) that we are hard to hit (sometimes) and don't take damage (sometimes). And since other players appear like that to us a lot of the time, we ARE aware that it is frustrating.

We do NOT believe that being a lagged player holds NO advantage.

We believe that all other things being equal, it is better to be the non-lagged player shooting the lagged player than the other way around, because over a long enough timeline, this is how it works out.

When a non-lagged player fails to kill a lagged one, it is obvious what is going on-- a player teleports around a shot (or, rather, appears to) or walks in place and takes no damage. The non-lagged player is made instantly aware of how fighting this player is different from fighting the others. They don't get the kill, and they get no good feedback to their actions.

When a non-lagged player survives an encounter with a lagged player who got the drop on them, they just think they won.

So the cumulative perception is that when you kill a lagged player, they deserved to die, and when they survive, the lag helped them.

Both sides are right, both sides are wrong, but personal bias overcomes logic for some reason.

Yes, the straw man position that holds that being a lagged player never bothers anyone else is wrong. It's just not a position anybody I know holds. What is true is that over a long enough time, the supposed benefits are utterly outweighed by the obvious disadvantages.

Hence the problem that I have with the wording of the article. But I'm saving judgement on implementation until after the patch hits.

I may have to go back to some crucible soon just to see if any difference is discernible.

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