I had no idea. TIL. (Destiny)

by bluerunner @, Music City, Friday, February 05, 2016, 14:51 (3026 days ago) @ Xenos

Yeah, that's actually a big part of the reason Google is putting a gigabit service in a bunch of cities. Not so much to bring fast Internet to people, but to try and bully ISPs into providing better Internet.

They're starting here in Nashville, but I've heard it will be another 2 years before they have it running. I live on the far outskirts, and am looking to move further out, so who knows if I'll ever get it. The only option I have now is Comcast, and it's awful. Every evening it slows to a crawl, or just stops working.

To add to what narc said, my parents live on a farm that is pretty far from any town. They only have one DSL provider in that area and barely any cell service. The DSL provider oversold their capacity, so it's just a challenge to get web pages to load, much less play games. They're looking into satellite now.

There are a lot of rural areas, especially as you head west, that don't have any options for fast internet. It's just a huge area without the population to provide incentive for the providers to build up any infrastructure.

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