My confession (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Monday, February 08, 2016, 22:13 (3023 days ago) @ dogcow

I kind of think I need to hear this story now! Also, you probably don't want to get a new microwave.

'Twas playing before christmas, when all through the house, not a packet was received, not even a...

Actually, there's not much to it. My connection would die for a bit whenever my wife made popcorn. One evening I had enough and decided it was time to cut into some drywall and use a coat hanger & some tent poles (because I'm apparently too cheap to spend $20 on a decent fiberglass cable fishing set) to run that ethernet cable over the laundry/bath into the mech room so I could physically wire up my entertainment center to the side of my house with the cable modem.

Life has been greatly improved since. Next up on my list is to wire up the kitchen, not because the microwave interferes with my wifi (I've since gotten a new micro & moved on to a 5ghz wifi), but just because I'm anti wifi. :)

Good on you, DIY ace!

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