No need, there was clearly no malice or condescension... (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Friday, February 05, 2016, 18:30 (3026 days ago) @ narcogen

deeJ is probably doing other crap, Urk too. I think Cozmo, as a veteran Redditor, may see value in pointless speculation of others' motives.

I thought it was a humorous-yet-gentle poke at people with bad connections in general. It's pretty stupid to read it, gasp, and use your embroidered hand fan to calm you from your indignation while you think of a way to whine about how you are being picked on. It was clearly just a quick joke that he probably didn't even think twice about because of how dumb someone would be to misinterpret it.

What was humorous about it? Where was the joke?

In the Great Big World of Comedy, that's known as "ribbing", which isn't intended to cause hearty guffaws so much as signaling affection towards another for their faults. In this case towards those with subpar connections.

There are no lines to read between here. He says that you'll be losing more often, and that that will give you incentive to "fix your connection".

Yes, that sounds perfectly fine, and people who can do something to improve their connection will indeed feel the incentive to do something about it. You can't do anything about it? Perfectly fine, his statement wasn't aimed at you.

If you have a good connection, it's a funny joke at the expense of those who don't. Ha ha!

If you don't, it's just a statement that people find the idea that your not so great multiplayer experience is going to get a bit worse unless you do something about it, which you probably can't because if you could have, you would have by now.

Ha ha! I'm peeing myself laughing.

I honestly can't believe people are making as big a deal out of this as they are.

If you want to play the "it's only a game card" here, feel free. Then again, you felt it important enough to come in and call people who think Bungie's being insensitive here stupid, so, yeah.

Bungie didn't think twice about this. They didn't even think once about it.

I read into the line neither malice nor condescension. It is the fact that no thought was put into it that is bothersome; the idea that if you have lag, that is your fault-- which is the converse of the complaint from the low latency players, that they are being "punished" because when players lag out and don't take damage, it is not THEIR fault.

But see, it kind of is your fault.
Do you have a below-average connection? That's not necessarily your fault.
Are you choosing to play an online-only game, knowing that you have a bad connection? That is your fault.
Are you knowingly going into the competitive matchmaking knowing that your bad connection will cause a negative experience for others? That is your fault.

And now Bungie is making some changes to improve the experience for the vast majority of those with a halfway decent connection at the expense of the few shed-net folks who knowingly make the experience worse for others?

I think it's disingenuous to act offended at the fact that someone dared to imply that you can get a better connection before hopping back in to the competitive portion of the game (especially in a playlist where winning is doubly important).

The idea that it's funny to some people makes it worse, not better.

The idea that folks with godawful connections feel like they should be catered to above the vast majority is a little worse than a playful jab, I think... but that's just me.

At the end of the day, it was just one guy at Bungie who made the statement as an offhand remark while discussing a bigger picture. I'm sure you'll make it through this.

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