Wireless is just bad (Destiny)

by Funkmon @, Friday, February 05, 2016, 19:20 (3026 days ago) @ someotherguy

Don't have to trust you. I'm well experienced!

I have a wired home network I use about half the time through a gigabit switch. If I'm doing game streaming, large file transfers, or anything like that I swap to the ethernet. Otherwise, wifi is totally fine. I can stream 1080p video from my server to my tablet, and at my parents' house with real internet there is literally zero speed/latency difference to the internet plugging in versus not.

When I had my fast cable internet, I plugged in because it outfasted my wifi, but it outfasted it at 5 megabytes per second, which is way way way way faster than I need for anything other than downloading.

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