Oh, god. The Pedant in me needs a cigarette. (Destiny)

by Vortech @, A Fourth Wheel, Friday, February 05, 2016, 20:17 (3026 days ago) @ Funkmon

What's really weird is that as far as I can tell, we are the only ones who took notice of that attitude. Lots of people saw the joke, but I haven't seen anyone else on the other Destiny communities at which I lurk say they felt condescended. Is that how to use that word?

Since you asked, no. It's a transitive verb without taking an object (or rather switching subject and object in form with the same in context.) (and missing an article). Bungie would "condescend to" you. Or, You would feel "condescended to". Or, to be less equivocal in language choice, you could use it as a noun and say you felt the condescendence.

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