Bingle now wants me to fix my Shit? (Destiny)

by dogcow @, Hiding from Bob, in the vent core., Friday, February 05, 2016, 19:02 (3026 days ago) @ narcogen


As it currently stands, games with laggy people are lame for both the laggers and non-laggers. To me it sounds like they will be altering the net code such that games with laggy people will only suck for the laggers and not the green bars. Sounds like the fairest solution they could come up with.

This game doesn't take a ton of bandwidth, we're taking 1mbps, course if you only have 512k - 768k bps up then you'll have troubles...

Lag is latency, not bandwidth. I have 100Mbps symmetrical, but a ping of 200-300.

That said, if I also had low bandwidth, that would make things worse, but there are people around the world with perfectly serviceable broadband connections that in no way need "fixing"-- they are just located far from Bungie's servers and far from other players. Latency is an unavoidable consequence of that.

I certainly understand that latency (and no packet loss) are king (and queen) in interactive applications such as online gaming. My point with the bandwidth is that if you can't keep up with the 1mbps it will become lag as packets will be delayed/dropped.

Having a ping of 200-300 is a beast for online gaming. :(

Resolving conflicts in game state this way based on latency under those conditions is essentially geographical discrimination. You can call it the best compromise, you can call it a technical solution, but there is one thing you can't call it, and that's "fair".

Yeah, I think my use of the word "fair" was a poor choice. Perhaps "reasonable solution to improve things for the majority of players" would have been the better phrase. I agree, it's certainly not fair to the high ping folks, but on the flip side having someone else with a high ping ruin the experience isn't fair to those with a low ping either. In this case the best solution is one that will make the most people happy.

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