Check your bandwidth math again...... (Destiny)

by dogcow @, Hiding from Bob, in the vent core., Friday, February 05, 2016, 18:50 (3026 days ago) @ Schedonnardus

i routinely use 75-100 Megabytes per hr playing destiny (even more if in party chat). Halo Reach used about 40 MB/hr. Destiny is a bandwidth hog. I keep track of this, b/c my crappy rural ISP has data caps. Sometimes i play tethered to my phone, since it has unlimited data. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with this update.

I didn't take any measurements or run any calculations to come up w/ the 1mbps. I got it from Bungie here, so I assume it's 'correct'.

From those numbers it looks like you're averaging 0.222 mbps (100 MegaBytes per Hour * 8 Bits per Byte / 60 minutes per hour / 60 seconds per minute).

I guess my point with the bandwidth stuff was this: the only time bandwidth should be a problem is if you can't transmit/receive peaks around 1 mbps (probably more with chat?). Latency & connection quality are king and queen in this type of situation. DSL used to be the best in terms of latency, not sure about that anymore. If you're stuck w/ WiFi I feel for you & send my sympathies your way. I've been on it before (with aggressive throttling when you hit bandwidth caps) and it royally sucked.

I guess i should "fix my internet" and move to a big city. Oh wait, I don't have an HOA, I get fresh eggs everyday, can see the stars at night, and can go fishing whenever i want.

Rural internet certainly has its limitations, but rural life certainly has its perks. Most definitely. This statement of yours helps me really appreciate where I live. I live on the edge of a 'city' with a population of under 32,000, I've got good internet, I can be in the mountain wilderness in literally a 10 minute walk/hike and camping in 15 min. Sadly the mountain/valley geography make for some really crappy air quality in the winter with temperature inversions trapping all the smog in the valley (all the more reason to take that 15 minute drive to get out of the muck). Sadly the region is growing like crazy :(.

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