You're not accounting for wifi interference. (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Friday, February 05, 2016, 19:14 (3026 days ago) @ Funkmon

Wifi gets a bad rap for some reason among gamers, but as long as you're using at least wireless G, you're getting a 2 megabyte per second transfer rate with almost no packet loss. At the edge of your signal, it's still 1 mBps, but with a bit of packet loss, which may be some peoples' problems. A wifi range extender will fix the packet loss, but will add a few milliseconds to their ping. If you aren't playing twitch shooters at a high level, ain't no wifi from the past 10 years gonna lag you out.

I've played lag free Destiny on 400kB connections, and lag free Halo 3 on coop with a 300kB down, 75kB up.

This will effect some people more than others, but wireless interference can wreak havoc with your gaming connections. I live in a large condo, so I'm within range of approximately 20-30 wifi routers at any given time, plus all the devices within that space. In my apartment we have a couple laptops, a couple phones, and a PS Vita all connecting over WiFi. If I try to connect my PS4 or Xbox One over Wifi, I'm lucky to maintain the connection for more than an hour without being completely disconnected.

Most games, Destiny included, don't need much bandwidth. But the need steady bandwidth. And that can be very tough to get through wifi for many people.

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