I'm not sure about Taylor Swift as a role model. (Destiny)

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Yeah, Taylor Swift is very savvy. She does unconventional things like the entrepreneur article mentioned, but she is also amazingly mainstream. For example, a while ago, some big pop artist released a record with no promotion or rumors on iTunes. Taylor Swift goes on Letterman to announce stuff, or whatever. Her albums have deluxe editions, marketing deals with target, et cetera, all the fully expected stuff. She supplements it with cool stuff.

I don't think she has future proofed herself, though. She's just in a great spot at the moment. With her next album, if it's all pop, I fully expect her old country fans to go, and she will retain her new fans. It's easy to see this kind of thing. Metallica fans loved Metallica. They liked the black album, then they quit liking their new stuff. But, all the new fans Metallica made stuck on with Load, Reload, and so on. Avril Lavigne had fans who loved her first two albums, and liked Girlfriend on her third album, which was extremely pop and viewed by some as selling out. She hit her top sales numbers with that record, and went on her biggest tours, making the most money. The fans quit caring afterwards, and she's faded largely into irrelevance.

I posit that Taylor Swift is at her biggest right now, simply because she hasn't yet chased off her country fans, and her pop fans are new. This is how I feel. I bought her debut, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989. I sold back 1989 to the record store...but I was going to go to her tour before I saw the setlist, which I don't imagine most people look at. I'm not going to buy her next album if it doesn't go back to pop country.

Hayley Williams is the singer for Paramore.

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