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by Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316) ⌂ @, Detroit, Thursday, August 07, 2014, 17:05 (2730 days ago)

TL;DR at bottom. Although, I don't often do mega-posts, so you should really just read it, ya baby.

Story time.

I was lucky enough to get early access to the 360 beta on the 15th. Once it was done downloading, I hopped into the campaign not knowing what exactly to expect. I already knew PvP was going to suck, but I'll have more on that below.

The opening cutscene was really cool, and got my hopes up for the rest of the game.
Astronauts on Mars?
Why do they have guns?
Rain? What?
Whats that big ball?

Next thing I know, Tyrion is waking me up to tell me that I've been dead for centuries, and we need to GTFO now or these big alien dudes are gonna push our shit in. A bit of running, and the littlest Lannister finds me a gun. Now, I like the M4 as much as anybody, but it's been hundreds of years and we're still using them? Come on.

Immediately I notice how familiar the game feels. I've been playing Halo for over 11 years now, and Destiny's roots are obvious, but it's also different. The addition of an Aim-down-the-sights mechanic is one that feels foreign and out of place, but at least it's not always necessary. It's quickly apparent that all of the big scary aliens are easily killed with a simple headshot or two, and it turns out, there's really no reason to be scared at all.

Tyrion guides me to this busted old ship and tells me we're gonna fly it to "The City." "Okay, bro. Let's-a-go!" We get there and grab some supplies because we need to go back to Russia to get a warp drive. Without it, we can't zoom to the Moon or whatever. Which is absolutely fine by me, but he's very insistent.

Back into the thick of it, and I'm starting to notice a pattern. Shoot them in the head (or other weak spot). Over, and over, and over, and... ughh. I'm not having much fun at this point, and then BAM! This Fallen Captain on steroids crawls out of the wall and attempts to eat me. I figure I'm in for a long and difficult battle, but in reality, it's only long. I can just sit back and shoot him in the head.

When the big guy's head explodes, I'm not relieved, or proud, or anything. Just bored, and disappointed. Tyrion says some stuff, but I'm not really listening. I'm done with that for the night, so I go play Halo: Reach with you guys, and have a blast.

The next day, I decide to give it another shot. Figure I might as well finish the beta. At some point, Tyrion and I are sent to find out what the Fallen have locked behind this door. Ends up being another alien race, The Hive. "Good," I think to myself. Maybe these other aliens will switch up the combat in new and interesting ways! Nope. Just shoot 'em in the head.

Now Ty and I are out to see what's up with this big radio tower or something. I stopped paying attention a while ago. We get there, and I'm clearing out rooms when I run out of sniper ammo. "Oh, I'll just run back in the last room. There's bound to be some laying around." I go back and, WTF? All the guys I just killed are back. I re-clear that room, and with my sniper refilled I head back the way I was going. Son of a- this room respawned, too! Finish the mission, and I need a break.

When I reach level 6, I go to try out the Strike. There's not much different here. Then I get to the first boss. It looks promising, but it ends up just being a giant bullet sponge. All I do to beat it is hide behind a pillar and whittle away at its health by shooting the legs until it has a little downtime (a lot like the Halo 3 Scarab). Occasionally a small group of enemies will attack me, but they're really just there to give me ammo. Fifteen minutes later (at level 6), the thing explodes, and my fireteam is ready to move on. After a few more rooms, we get to another boss. This fight is even worse than the last. The boss is just a bigger version of the floating ball enemy, with a ton of health. This one never changes, never switches its tactics. You just shoot its weak spot for ten minutes until it explodes.

Is this Bungie's idea of fun?

The problems of Campaign.

PvP, and being the best in the world (briefly).

More story!

Before we knew anything about the PvP portion of Destiny, I had high hopes for it. Bungie has traditionally valued balance in their competitive multiplayer offerings. An equal start for all players, with the better man, or woman, coming out on top. When the Alpha was made public, and the streamers started streaming, I took to Twitch and found MLG pro Ninja's channel. What I saw was a game that looked like Call of Duty. Everyone starts with whatever gun they want, the time to kill was less than a second, and everyone occasionally gets the ability to press (button) to instantly kill someone even if you don't deserve it.

I wasn't happy. I wanted another Bungie arena shooter masterpiece. I wanted a game that took skill to succeed at. A game that rewarded you for being better than your opponent. I got on DBO to complain, but Schooly had it covered. So, going into the beta, I thought the campaign would be awesome, and expected the multiplayer to suck. I was wrong, but not about multiplayer.

During the early access timeframe, there weren't a whole lot of people on. I kept seeing the same thirty or so names over and over. I played with several Bungie employees, a bunch of Microsoft employees, the guy who makes RoosterTeeth's music, and, oddly enough, a Treyarch higher-up. With so few people in the Beta, and only a small portion of them searching in the Crucible, I didn't get any matches in for a few days. On the 18th, the planets aligned and I participated in what I can only assume were the first two matches of the Beta on Xbox 360. The vast majority of the regulars on this forum have played Halo with me more than a few times. You know my style. Well, Bungie let me spawn with a sniper rifle, and my kill to death ratio for my first Destiny match was 4.25. I don't think I should spawn with the tools I need to dominate, I should have to earn them.

With a K/D of 2:0 and a W/L of 13:1, as far as I can tell, I was the best Destiny player on 360 in the world :p. At least for the private Beta. Followed closest by our very own Bluerunner. I'm pretty sure his is due to the monstrosity known as the Interceptor. That thing is exactly what I imagine it would be like if the Reach Banshee and Gauss Hog joined forces to make the ultimate overpowered vehicle. It is unstoppable if the driver has even the slightest bit of skill. Bungie apparently learned nothing from Reach. With the Sparrow or Pike, It's pretty easy to take the driver's head off. The Interceptor however, I can't even see the pilot's head unless I have a pretty good height advantage, and the low health of players only exacerbates the effectiveness of this beast.

Bungie's philosophy with Destiny is clear; they want bad players to succeed where they shouldn't. It's all very frustrating when, like Halo 4, there's a good multiplayer game hiding in there. It's just covered in shit.

These are general problems and disappointments.

Just a few opinions.

In conclusion.

With all the problems this game has, I won't be buying it. Not a chance. I still hope they address some of the points I brought up for Destiny 2. At least for Campaign. It's clear that they want to cater to people who are bad at games for the multiplayer. Campaign though, I could really enjoy it if they fix some of the massive problems for the sequel.

See you guys on November 11th.

-Mr. Snipe.


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