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Unfortunately, I can't give total verbatim to the moment I made the choice to post, as you've edited your posts. For reference, when I read threads here on DBO I tend to use the "Open in thread" function of the forum. Downside of that is, in the event of edits, I don't see them. Lot less clicking though, which is nice.

(cheapLEY) At the risk of sounding like a total fucking moron, based on the thread I started last week . . .

Why? I don’t get it.

So they’re selling some overpriced toys in their store? Who cares? I mean, Funko Pops exist, this sort of fits right in with modern consumerism.

I don’t think it’s great. Seems really freaking expensive for an ugly piece of molded foam and complete waste of resources that went into designing it, but I also don’t think not being able to afford an overpriced toy is reason to be mad at Bungie

(Some) Instead of implementing a satisfying reward in-game, they put time, effort and resources into making yet another overpriced cosmetic (albeit an irl cosmetic) you can buy to show you did a thing in-game.

(Wu) Except that the people hired to do stuff like design real toys you can buy in the store are NOT the same people hired to build in-game rewards.

Your attitude is a little bit disturbing to me; you're acting scornful of (even disgusted by) a product that a) nobody is forcing you to purchase, b) some people seem to love (read a few over-the-top posts elsewhere), and c) affects your life NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST unless you want it to. It's as though you're telling people how they should live their lives...

(Some - Edited [Bold is what I recall the most])Telling people how to live their lives?

I'd love to see how you managed to pull that out of what I actually said.

I'll take the point about the resources being different resources (although at the end of the day it all stems from the only real resource - money they're willing to invest). But the rest? Absolute nonsense.

I don't care one bit what you all choose to spend your money on. If this is something you wanted then I'm glad it exists for you. My issue is completely unrelated to your enjoyment of the thing, and I think its intellectually dishonest to imply that I've said otherwise.

If you want to put words in my mouth, try to make them at least sound like something I'd say.

(Some) Scornful and disgusted?

Nah. Just concerned, which I had hoped would be implied by the fact I was answering the question "Why are you concerned" but maybe not.

(Kerm) But why exactly are you concerned? Boldfacing “buy” leaves it open to interpretation. You say Claude’s interpretation is wrong, so what is your concern? They might make money?

(Some - Edited) "Congratulations, you did great guys! And as a special reward, your prize is the opportunity to pay over the odds for something from our store!"

How does that not concern you?

Lucky us Bungie is so benevolent eh? I bet they hate letting people purchase products from them.


So here is the (rough) start point that brought me to the conclusion that it would be best to jump in and pull on the breaks abit. With some of the edits, the edges are smoothed, but done is done and there is still plenty to show. Now, as a reminder, it isn't the topic it's the tone implied by the verbatim. Something that even when expressed, you seem totally blind to, thus leading to this post you read before you.

First, it should be noted the reaction to your words in the moment, which is important to consider as we dissect this into parts (which in-turn changes interpretation). Your first post has a certain obligation to it. "Yet another overpriced cosmetic". It has an air of propensity to it that implys insult, as if to indirectly say "How dare they!".

... and I'm going to stop there for the moment, as if you can't see this, everything else I have to say is moot.

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