The point is moot here however (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Monday, November 04, 2019, 08:37 (1622 days ago) @ someotherguy

As this is both.

That's your opinion. Expensive is in the eye of the beholder. A 4 dollar popcorn is not expensive to me, it's worth the cost in some situations. But to someone who has 20 bucks to his name, it very much is expensive. For me, the foam sword is too expensive. It's obviously too expensive to you. But to some people it's not.

Overpriced is somewhat subjective in my mind because by Cody's definition "worth" is also in the eye of the beholder to me. However, it's closer to the mark in that you can say the worth of the sword is what it takes to make it: material, work hours to produce it so on. However, it's up the person who makes the thing how much they want to increase the price based on the actual worth of the thing.

I honestly don't think people should be that upset over this unless they honestly want to buy it and it's way to expensive. However, from what I've read so far, people are willing to buy it at the current price and Bungie is still making a decent profit. So to those people who want to buy it and feel it's too expensive for them, I'm sorry, but that is commerce to me. And no, I don't think it's any sly trick of marketing or any such thing.

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