Tess Everis as a strike boss (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Saturday, November 02, 2019, 11:13 (1578 days ago) @ narcogen
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I mean, or you could just accept Destiny isn’t designed for you and play something else?

In a world that I’ve posited, where we continue to get the lackluster campaign experiences of Destiny, or we get more good strikes or more Dungeons and Raids which have all been stellar, why would I ever choose another Destiny campaign?

I realize that’s just a matter of taste. That’s the thing, though. You seem to imply that it’s something more important than that. If you enjoy the campaigns, that’s great. I hope they keep making them for your sake. I will continue to play them and get some base level enjoyment out of them while eagerly anticipating getting to the point where I can do the things that are really fun.

People keep lamenting the rise of live service games without taking a minute to look around at all of the absolutely incredible single player only experiences that release all the time. Bungie isn’t holding you hostage and forcing you to play Destiny instead of any of those games.

Edit: I guess some of that isn’t fair to say. If you enjoy Destiny’s campaign, then it is a game for you. Who am I to say otherwise. I guess my point could be better expressed:

We can’t both get what we want out of Destiny. Resources are finite. Who is anyone to say their vision of Destiny is the correct one?

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