I think this argument is wrong. (Destiny)

by narcogen ⌂ @, Andover, Massachusetts, Monday, November 04, 2019, 09:36 (1629 days ago) @ Cody Miller

They are straight up selling a boost to 900 power for $20. Getting to 900 takes a handful of hours the first time and becomes basically automatic for second and third characters afterwards.

I guess who am I to judge if someone wants to spend $20 to skip like five hours of game, but it’s also just fucking gross at a gut check level for me.

Can you explain this? What exactly is being sold? Is this like that booster crystal from before?




1. This is scummy.
2. It only works with a second character.

I guess the perfect solution that was in Destiny 1 wasn't good enough. You could just infuse your main character's extra armor into your secondary's or tertiary's and be up at the same light level in like 2 seconds. But nooooooooo. Now you can only infuse armor of the same class.

Huge step backwards.

Frankly I think a lot of it is.

Lots of people complained about how grindy and not fun earning XP or spending motes on unlocking perks was, but to be honest I think that system was fairer, more transparent, and more enjoyable as well as less immersion-breaking than what we have now.

I mean, it sort of made sense to me. We're immortal revenants wandering a post-apocalyptic landscape and scavenging, upgrading and maintaining powerful relics of a lost age. The more you used a weapon, the better the weapon became.


You pull from collections and shard the old one. Infuse a drop into the old one. Where does Banshee get all those weapons. Why are vendors holding out for currency. Is someone going to say, "hey, you could beat the Darkness with this exotic bow I have locked in some back room I forgot about but here, do this sidequest first"

To some extent the whole game is that, but I think some progression mechanics were better at integrating/concealing them than others, and I think it most of the ways that matter to me, the way things currently work are worse than D1 was at launch.

I actively avoid strike playlists now because Bungie's habit of severely limiting the number of strikes in them I find infuriating and the repetition plus nearly all players' habits of speedrunning everything is absolutely maddening.

Think of what a playlist would be like if it had every strike in D1/D2 in it going back to 2014.

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