DBO: classy as always (Off-Topic)

by yakaman, Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 11:53 (641 days ago) @ Cody Miller


Uh oh.

An internet forum discussing Star Wars opinions in measured and reasonable exchanges?

You guys are the best.

Like Cruel and Raga, I enjoyed TLJ as a standalone film, and never really considered the impact on the bigger story.

To be honest, after the relative disappointment of the Prequel Trilogy I sort of drifted away from Star Wars. I thought the prequels had great world building, some things perfect, some things wack - but Anakin as a pissy bully who was great a punching down but rekt when punching up was something I could never un-see. It shades everything, forever.

I do feel the disappointment more now, and hope for the best with RoS...but am not holding my breath. At least fans have the The Mandelorian as an example of how Star Wars can be.

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