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There have been several high-profile studies on this issue in the past couple years. The general finding is that the percentage of people in America and Canada that agree with PC culture of "woke" culture is in the single digits.

Don't move the goalposts or misclasify "PC culture". Way more than 9% of people believe in compassion and understanding.


that's a pretty good indicator to me that I am going to really enjoy this special.

Did you? He basically did a version of "I identify as an attack helicopter". So new, original, and insightful! 2012 called and wants its meme back.

Since then, it's not easy to say definitively how the finances balance out. But we can look at the announcements that have been made, and infer from there. We do know that TLJ made $700 million dollars less at the box office than TFA. That's a HUGE slide. We also know that Solo lost money, and was such a flop that Disney cancelled plans for all future stand-alone films that were already in production. We know the theme park is losing money. And we also know merch sales are nowhere near the hoped-for or anticipated levels. Bob Iger has made statements like along the lines of "we oversaturated the market with Star Wars" and "we may need to scale back our output". All signs point to a situation where Star Wars is not paying off for Disney the way they'd hoped.

Sounds like Activision and Destiny. :-p

But one of the things that has been widely covered by several outlets is that Rise of Skywalker went through insanely extensive reshoots, to the point where they were still doing minor reshoots about a month ago.

This is not necessarily an indication of quality. It is extremely common for large movies to do reshoots. It doesn't necessarily mean the film isn't working. Sometimes it's due to scheduling issues in getting actors. Other times it's things getting adjusted in editorial and needing a few new things to complete. If you drop a subplot for example, you may need to reshoot scenes that peripherally rely on it but otherwise have other purpose.

These reshoots were happening because the movie wasn't scoring high enough with test audiences.

JJ Abrams himself has said there were no audience test screenings. This is fake news.

ESQ: I know you just finished the movie as of last night, but has anyone seen the finished finished product yet?

JJA: Oh yeah, yeah. Sure, I mean the final final? No. I mean the truth is, I have not even gotten to see the final product. The way it works is you do the mix, you go back and forth between two different places like you’re doing the picture at the color correction place, you’re doing the sound at the mix stage, so it’s like you’re getting it in pieces, where you say “Oh that looks amazing!” but there's no sound to it. And then you go and you say “Oh that sounds incredible!" Then you’re still putting pieces together in your head, but of course I’ve shown it at a friends and family screening, but we’ve never done like a test screening.

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