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by SonofMacPhisto @, Friday, December 20, 2019, 12:17 (644 days ago) @ MacAddictXIV

So to answer this question, I guess those questions were both serious and rhetorical at the same time based on if you wanted to answer them :D

Fab! I'll give it a whirl. My answers are very specific to myself and my community. They likely won't work well on a macro level.

Are you for social shaming?

Social shame has it's place. Ideally it would help those being shamed into understanding why they are being shamed and perhaps adjust their behavior. That said, if there is contrition, those doing the shaming have the obligation to hammer out some kind arrangement so people can live together without perhaps agreeing on everything.

Outcasting by societal vote?

Outcasting should be an incredibly rare occurrence but be so obviously required something like a vote is superfluous.

Who determines what is good? What is bad? Social majority?

Each individual according to their conscience. Figuring out how to then live with others is the trick of course and it depends on so much I don't really know where to begin at the moment.

Who enforces punishment if someone breaks what society thinks is right? Do you even punish them?

At the level I'm describing it's up to the individuals and community involved.

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