Reimagining "competitive" Destiny (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Monday, August 12, 2019, 15:57 (716 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

So, normally I don’t like to take Cody’s side in a discussion. It just feels off. However, while the perspective of focusing on the individual moment may make sense, it is also a very easy way to lose sight of everything else. The whole point of building in your muscle memory and your instinctual actions is so that you free yourself up to play 2-3 minutes out. From an “honestly competitive eSports” perspective, I would say that what wins games in a Quake 1v1 has nothing to do with your moment to moment. It’s all map control and timers. If you are not playing 1 minute ahead of where you are you have already lost.

In the context you provided, though, if you are super in tune with everything going on and focused on the moment and that is how you win, how are you letting yourself get out of position to be panic smashed?

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