Making a scrunched face at this (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 08:19 (713 days ago) @ kidtsunami

Yes, good players can use supers more effectively. And yes it is possible to screw up with your super. They don’t remove all skill requirement from the game. But the gap is still made narrower. That is unquestionable.

When I'm playing against a superior team, I feel like the gap is made quite a bit wider by supers and their expert use/chaining of them. So there, questioned...

Also you just seem really wound up about getting spawn killed. Having recently had my face smashed in in H1 by some top tier players in a custom game, this is an issue as old as time. Top level play in a spawn based game is going to result in spawn killing unless the games are longer and the maps much larger...

I think one of the "smallest" tweaks that would have the biggest impact that Bungie could make is to add some conditions to the spawning system. Getting spawn-killed by the Super that *just* killed you is absolutely infuriating. At least adding a rule to the spawning logic that a player that was just killed by a particular active Super spawns as far from that player as allowable by the team spawning rules would help. I would suggest even having players that have been killed by a player on a >10 killstreak be allowed the same mercy.

Alternatively, keeping a player from spawning until the Super that killed them has ended might have the same effect. The challenge would be preventing situations where the other team could leverage the new logic.

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